Teasea Bennett

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Teasea holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Tourism and minor in French from the university of Technology and University of the West Indies.After living and working in New York, London and France, she alongside her brother, established and co-founded Reve Jewellery & Accessories in 2006 in Kingston, Jamaica.

The sibling entrepreneurs then opened their 1st (all) handmade showroom in 2009 in Devon House, which also retails other local and regional producers.

Reve has garnered several international awards and their bold designs can be found among the collections of many beloved celebrities. 

Currently, Teasea serves in local and regional organisations including ACS, WENC and OESC (ambassador) while balancing the role of CEO to her company, which still operates from Devon House.

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Teasea Bennett BSc, CEO
Duane Bennett BFA, COO
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