Design for Excellence

Some factors you can consider when you are developing and designing your accessories. The chart below was downloaded from an article not referring to jewelry design but offers key points that can be useful if you want to create products that achieve different objectives. Check the link below to read the article.

My top 3 Design for Excellence are:

1. Design for Quality

Create pieces with quality components and good technique is just as important.

2. Design for Cost

Consider all costs to ensure what you create can meet your sales, marketing and pricing strategies. All costs must be considered, from creation to sale, to best determine profitability and fit.

3. Design for Assembly.

Think about effectiveness and efficiency in production. Some things to consider are:

What is your design process?

How easy is the piece to be replicated if creating multiple pieces, consistency is important?

How long will it take to create?

Do you have the tools and materials to get the job done?

What are your top three factors, please share below and let us continue the conversation.


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